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Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Ask

“She asked me if I planned to have any more children.” Oh dear. These are the things that make me cringe as a recruiter. This week we’re talking about questions you shouldn’t ask in an interview, and they’re not always as overt as the above example. Here’s what you need to know to keep yourself […]

Hiring Accountable & Nice People

This is the final post in our 3-part series about Recognizing and Hiring On It people. Last week we talked about how to screen for qualities like Persistence, Entrepreneurial and Leadership. Today it’s Accountable and Conscientious, plus a few tips on how to motivate and retain your favorite On It team members. Accountable What it […]

How to Hire On It People

Welcome back. In last week’s post we talked about the deeply moving experience of being around “On It” people… the people that volunteer to shovel dirt and end up moving mountains. Here’s what I promised for Part 2: How to identify and screen for the On It qualities, e.g. Entrepreneurial, Natural Leaders, Accountable, and Conscientious. […]

I’m On It: People That Make Stuff Happen

There’s nothing as intoxicating as these three words: “I’M ON IT.” As in… 1.       I just read that wicked long email you forwarded me. I’ll make sense out of it and ensure we take necessary action. 2.       Wow, the client sounds completely ticked off. I’ll smooth things over. 3.       Don’t worry, hon. I’ll talk to […]

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